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Margaret's Little Shop of Wonders

In a kingdom far far away, Margaret has just opened her own flower shop. With her powers, she grows plants and flowers in a very magical way. Play as the lovely witch and fulfill the peculiar requests of the shop’s customers.

Use the grimoire to find which ritual will grow your customer’s requested plant. Customize it with different accessories to get a unique floral arrangement!

The kingdom is full of incredible people: dark mages, lonely princesses, fantastic beasts… And a lot of them are your customers! Meet them and learn more about their past and motivation. A true relationship may bloom.

Become Margaret during her working week. Who knows? Your choices might be more important than what you could expect of a small magical flower shop…

🪴Ce jeu inclut🪴

  • A slice-of-life story-driven visual novel, set up in a magical kingdom, with a focus on the daily life of its colorful citizens.
  • Different characters and storylines: the ending you get depends of the customers that you will help!
  • Magic-inspired point & click games: have fun while growing your plants!
  • Sweet pastel art and catchy music, to feat those fairytale vibes.
  • You can pet the Many-Eyed Monstera !

Les Possums sur le jeu