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Possum 5 is a collective of artists but above all of friends originated from northern France and united under their passion of graphic art and video games. We all specialize in fields as diverse as 3D modeling, web development or marketing and we have decided to join forces to create games.

Together, we combine our enthusiasm to create original and playful projects.

My passion for new technologies has made me pursue a career in digital creation. I’ve been working in this field for more than 5 years in domains such as 3D architecture, VR, video games, holograms and web development. In 2017 I participated in creating the company “CouchGames” and contributed to its growth for 2 years before leaving in order to specialize in project management. Today, I work mainly on my personal projects.

Favorite games

Half Life, Warcraft 3, Xcom

Avatar Catherine Merle

Catherine Merle

I graduated in 3D design and web project management and decided to work in digital marketing and communication with experience in web writing, intern communication and event planning. 

Passionate about games since childhood, it is telling stories that I enjoy the most.

I’ve been able to explore this field by playing role playing games (Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu…) and I continue to do so with video games.

Favorite games

Final Fantasy 9, Silent Hill 2, No More Heroes

I’m a generic digital artist with a liking for 3D background modeling and character design. I love to explore new methods to create, especially digital and traditional illustration as well as 2D animation.

I like colorful universes, meaningful detail that make people think and experiences that leave a mark either by story or gameplay.

Favorite games

Borderlands 2 , Pyre , Dishonored

Avatar Delphine Verfaillie​

Delphine Verfaillie

I work as a graphic design in the video game industry since 2019, after studying 3D design for 5 years. I work mainly on UI and animation and I’m very pleased to be able to use my skills in meaningful projects ! I’m particularly fond of cute but disturbing universes and touching stories.

Favorite games

League of Legends, Transistor, Red Dead Redemption

Currently a member of Possum 5 I’m a 3D modeler and imaginary world maker. I also do music and sound design on my spare time and a lot of other things.

Favorite games

Half-Life, Doom, Xcom, Alert rouge 2, Kepler 22B

Freelancer for 8 years, I worked in graphic design, motion design, illustration and app development. 

I also did VR and participated in art conventions. 

My main hobbies are film photography, sci fi novels but also video games. More specifically concept art and pre production. It’s thinking about the characters and backgrounds that motivates me the most on a project.

Favorite games

Half-Life, Day of the Tentacle, Inside, Soma, Night in the Woods

Avatar Thomas Bourgain

Thomas Bourgain

I've been a freelance 3D artist since 2018. I work for the video game industry as well as real time animation and I mostly go 3D modeling and integration into the engine. If it’s VR it’s even better !

Favorite games

La série Kingdom Hearts, Guild Wars et Guild Wars 2, Titi et Grominet sur Gameboy Color

I’ve been a freelance illustrator and 3D artist since 2017. I’m specialised in fantasy settings with a fondness for metal and leather armors, plants and other wonders of nature. I work mainly on character design and low poly/hand painted modeling.

Favorite games

Dragon age origins, Fly’n et A Short Hike